Even though a house has just been constructed or is under construction, it can still have issues from faulty materials, poor workmanship, or even just a small oversight. These issues could be a potential safety hazard to the home’s occupants or cause further damage over time. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why having a home inspection on new construction is so important.

1. Mistakes Can Happen During Construction

There are many subcontractors who will work on different components of your home during construction. A roofer will be contracted to install the roof and a plumber will outfit the plumbing. It is possible that mistakes will be made with all these moving parts, and the quality of work can vary from one component to another.

By hiring a home inspector to complete a home inspection on new construction, you have an extra set of eyes checking over all the work that has been completed by different people.

2. Have Things Repaired Before Closing

After the construction has been completed and the contractor has received their final payment, it might be too late to have the contractor fix any problems if they didn’t offer a warranty. Each state has its own regulations and many do not require a contractor to offer any such warranty.

By having an inspector perform a home inspection on new construction before the final walkthrough with the builder, you can identify any issues prior to making the final payment to the contractor and avoid having to pay for the repairs yourself later.

3. It Can Cost You at Resale

There is a chance that you might decide to sell your home at some point. Whether it’s the need for a bigger home for a growing family or a new job that requires you to relocate, there may come a time when you choose to sell your home.

During this process, the potential buyers will likely request an inspection prior to closing. However, if their home inspector discovers damages or issues related to when the home was built, they will probably ask you to take care of the repairs. In other words, the problems the contractor would have been responsible for during construction are now your problems.

4. Avoid Hassles After Moving In With a Home Inspection On New Construction

After waiting for a good amount of time to move into your new home, you just want to get settled once you’re there. It is not ideal to have workers fixing things in the home while you are trying to unpack and set up your new house. By having a home inspection on new construction, you can help to avoid this situation by resolving any issues well before you carry in your first box of household goods.

Having a new construction home inspection is helpful for many reasons. By holding the builder accountable for their work on your home, you can avoid a lot of potential headaches in the future.

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